On Tuesday 9 October the Dutch Minister for Infrastructure and Water Management, Cora van Nieuwenhuizen, visited the Schavemaker terminal in Wroclaw to participate in the ‘Linked by Rail’ event.

The Minister was heading a transport and logistics trade mission to Poland.  ‘linked by rail’ consortium members: rail operators, transport and logistics companies cooperate together with the Dutch government to promote intermodal transport between The Netherlands and Poland.

More than hundred representatives from Polish and Dutch transport and logistics companies, government and associations gathered to celebrated the extension of the Schavemaker terminal in Katy Wroclawskie (near Wroclaw) to learn from the seminar on the ‘future of intermodal transport’ and heard about the new railway shuttle from Wroclaw to Moerdijk (near Rotterdam).

Speakers included the Dutch Minister, on the special relation between the two countries; Arthur van Dijk, the President of the Dutch Transport Association TLN, highlighting the logistics position of the Netherlands and Menno Menist, Panteia, on the changes for intermodal transport.

An impression of the event is found on: Relacja wideo

Feel free to download presentation from the conference:

Intermodal is future

Netherlands in Corridor Poland – UK

Prospects for European Transport

Synergy at rail

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