The main goal of the Linked by Rail consortium is a dynamic development of intermodal transport between the Netherlands and Poland and vice versa.

Linked by Rail is a consortium of Dutch and Polish partners which is supported by the Dutch Enterprise Agency as well as the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Warsaw.

Members of the consortium are well known within the area of intermodal transport and are mostly active in both countries. Among them: Boekestijn Transport, Eucon Shipping & Transport Ltd., Koninklijk Nederlands Vervoer, Netherlands Enterprise Agency, Nijman/Zeetank, Nijhof-Wassink, Panteia, PCC Intermodal, Port of Rotterdam, Raillogix, Seacon Logistics, Schavemaker Logistics & Transport, Van den Bosch and GTV Intermodal.

The first stage of the project ended successfully in 2015. Its goal was to establish an attractive connection between Rotterdam and Swarzedz (near Poznan) in Western Poland.

Since the start of the regular connection approximately 120 000 TEU equivalent to 53.000 trailers have been carried by rail enabling the partners of the consortium to actively shift cargo from road to rail thus reducing the numbers of trucks by an equivalent number. Additionally CO2 emissions were reduced by approximately 80%.

Based on the successful first Linked by Rail initiative the consortium partners signed up to a second agreement back in December 2015. The second agreement was focussing on establishing a new intermodal connection between Rotterdam and Southern Poland (Rotterdam – Silesia).

The project is the answer to the growing interest in intermodal transport among Dutch and Polish companies. More and more organizations value the advantages of intermodal transport connected with seamless rail based transport solutions which help increase safety, environmental protection as well as optimizing total cost of ownership when transporting goods between the Netherlands and Poland vv. The Linked by Rail program is accompanied by trade fair promotions, training courses and as well as trade missions which aim at increasing awareness of this way of transport. An additional and important aspect is that this program contributes to strengthening the economic cooperation between both countries.